Portugal may be known for its sticky wine but have you heard about its dog photography?

Hailing from the beautiful Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese photographer, Tail Waggerz has unveiled their latest project featuring Wolfpack’s leather dog coat. The apparel sported by the adorable Cavalier Spaniel—bred and provided by Spaniel expert breeder Cavaliers (de) Edel Plas, also based in Portugal— is Wolfpack’s Cloudy Grey Leather Dog Jacket made for the rougher northeastern winters.

Yet our friends across the Atlantic recognized Wolfpack’s resilient quality and had to put their lenses to work against the windy Mediterranean like temperament.  In addition to our jacket being featured in this shoot, our ‘Peacock’ Leather Dog Harness in cloudy grey also landed several beauty shots for a splash of juxtaposing colors against the airy pastel boardwalk scene.

‘Make memories last forever’ with Tail Waggerz

Tail Waggerz specializes in pet photography and makes it their goal to immortalize the joy pets brings their owners. No family portrait is complete without your fur baby in the picture and Tail Waggerz understands that wholeheartedly. They specialize in portraits, to action shots of dog shows, as well as gorgeous black and white photography of pets doing what they do best and that is being adorable.

At Tail Waggerz they pride themselves in capturing the best aspects of the pets that come through their doors, and if accessorizing them is what it takes, then Wolfpack is proud to be part of the process to make a cute dog be a fierce dog. Tail Waggerz’s motto is “make memories last forever” and by capturing the stunning nature of dogs in their element—while remaining fabulously clad— they truly do encapsulate the love humans have for their pets, and that is what we at Wolfpack emphasize.

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