Wolfpack is off to Switzerland

So where does a New York pet fashion designer go for inspiration? On a 10 day solo hike through the Alps with her fur-baby Rosa, of course!

We plan to hike through the mountains each day and stay overnight in little villages along the way. I had done similar solo trip in 2015 and found myself isolated amongst nature and my mind buzzes with creative business ideas. It was such an energizing trip, that I ended up sketching half of Wolfpack’s business plan en route…

After all what better environment for a little reflection and to stimulate creativity – dramatic mountain peaks, rolling green hills, sparkling blue lakes, quaint villages sprinkled with wooden window shutters and geranium flower pots and not a sound in the world, except the echoing cow bells and my feet thudding against the ground. Definitely a nice contrasting environment to New York….

It’s Rosa’s first backpacking trip, so follow along with us as we traverse the alps and dream up amazing new projects for Wolfpack NYC!

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