Forget traveling without your dog ever again

We travel to expand our minds, reach new territories, and ultimately connect with the world in a deeper way. We have dogs because they make us better people— they allow deeper access to compassion, empathy, and joy along the way. Therefore, a life well lived quite possibly could be traveling with your dog by your side.

Fortunately, Fido-Friendly magazine paves the way for making pet-friendly vacationing easy with how-to tips from pet travelers themselves. In the latest edition of Fido-Friendly magazine, you’ll find fido in Ontario, Lake Tahoe, Bolivia, and Switzerland. You’ll even find out how Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund celebrates Christmas (in his own words). But most importantly, you’ll hear all about Wolfpack’s muse, Rosa, and her owner (and Wolfpack founder) Hayley, as they hike through the Swiss Alps.

If you’ve been thinking about traveling with your pet and you’re wondering if it can be both simultaneously stress relief and added stress— the answer is often a resounding “yes.” But Fido-Friendly breaks this perception by providing pet owners with tangible advice and stories so that you can incorporate your dog into your travel lifestyle. And that’s something Wolfpack admires, making your dog one with the family.

“Hiking the Swiss alps is a great way to have an adventurous, introspective and healthy vacation (minus the copious amounts of Swiss cheese), and I couldn’t think of a better friend to share it with than my big hearted, mini-poodle Rosa.”

Hayley Whitfield, Founder of Wolfpack NYC
Fall/Winter Issue 2017, Fido Friendly Magazine

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