Dogs have fur so they don’t need coats, right? Wrong.

Established only three years ago, Four & Sons has pioneered the publishing of pet culture and art, breaking boundaries between human and dog. Their print publications feature stunningly raw imagery of dogs living life to their fullest alongside their owners. Four & Sons makes culture and the arts for aesthetically minded dog-lovers accessible.

They’ve deepened the connections between dog and human, uniting the dog-centric and culturally literate communities. So, we are proud to be a part of their Directory so that we can join Four & Sons in the journey of exploring “the strange and wonderful bond between dogs and humans” as Marta Roca, the Creative Director insightfully puts it.

The Four & Sons curated Directory consists of brands that distinctly reflect the intersection of dogs and culture. In the Directory, they commend Wolfpack as a standout, “for three key reasons: it’s high-quality materials (European leathers, soft faux-furs, bespoke Italian hardware), its style that nods to old-world Manhattan, and its long-lasting construction— jackets are waterproof and double-lined for warmth.

Just as Four & Sons online and print publications will make you pause and sigh at the beautiful subtleties of life lived with a dog— we know our Wolfpack coats will similarly entrance you with their timeless elegance. We are so honored to be a part of their Directory, to further the interconnectedness of the furry extensions of ourselves. 

Wolfpack has your urban wolf covered this winter season. Shop the Rose Leather Dog Jacket and follow Four & Sons style on Instagram.

“As we travel through these pages we learn about loyalty, beauty, commitment, resilience, and ancestry.”

Marta Roca, Creative Director of Four & Sons
Opening the Spring/Summer 2017 Four & Sons issue

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